If you are part of the Waves Ducks game or have been in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space for some time, then you probably have heard the stories. People getting scammed or hacked and losing their assets on a daily basis!

Waves Ducks is a relatively new game in the Waves blockchain but it is already proving that its NFT’s, Collectibles and currency (in the form of Ducks, perches, $EGG and soon $GROW) are highly valuable. Hence it is of utmost importance and advisable to make sure that players have measures in place to mitigate loss, protect and safeguard their assets as scammers, hackers and thieves target the Protocol because of it’s value.

The Waves Ducks game on Waves blockchain

The following will help you to minimize risk to your assets and wallet and assist you on the road to Building Your Own Duck Empire;

  1. Change your Passwords regularly/Use 2FA
Strong password with Password Manager

The importance of a strong password cannot be over-emphasized when talking about security. Make sure you have a strong, long and complex password, which is difficult to guess, and change it on a regular basis. Implement two-factor authentication (2FA). Use a Password Manager if possible.

2. Seed Phrase storage

A Metal Seed Phrase storage

You should not store your seed phrase in an internet connected device. Always go for off-line methods. You can use some of the following methods. Writing it down on a piece of paper, putting it on a metal, splitting your seed words and putting them on different pieces of paper, memorizing the seed phrase, storing the phrase in a digital medium like USB. No matter what method you choose, make sure that the seed phrase is stored in a safe place from theft and destruction. Do not under any circumstances disclose your seed phrase to anyone. That’s basically tantamount to handing your wallet over to someone. In essence signing a blank cheque.

3. Avoid Phishing scams

A Phishing scam

Phishing scams through malicious ads and emails are common in the crypto world. Be careful while making transactions. Do not click on suspicious links or those whose source you do not know.

4. Use Cold/Hardware wallet

Hardware Wallets

Cold wallets do not connect to the internet and are kept off-line, therefore are not susceptible to cyber attacks. Storing your private keys in a cold wallet is the most viable option as these come encrypted, keeping your keys safe. Hardware wallets are readily available on the market and you should consider investing in one especially when your Waves portfolio keeps increasing as it’s bound to be the case with Waves Ducks.

5. Secure Internet Connection

Secure Internet Connection with VPN

Avoid public WIFI networks like in hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. when you want to log into your Waves Ducks account. Use a secure internet connection. Preferably use a VPN for additional security as it keeps your browsing activity safe and private.

6. Keep your software updated

Software update

Make it a habit to update your software regularly. Software updates enable you to get the latest improvements on features and fix bugs, improve security and improve performance.

7. Stay Smart — It’s a jungle

Be smart — it’s a Jungle

Stay vigilant in the wild or you get eaten. Don’t make yourself a target unnecessarily. Don’t ask for help from strangers and don’t brag about your crypto holdings in the telegram groups. Don’t fall for tricks like hackers posing as technical support or promotions purporting to give away free tokens when you send some first. Always ask for help from Waves/Waves Ducks Admins in the telegram groups or someone you know. Block suspicious and shady characters who offer unsolicited help from your social media accounts.


The cryptocurrency space is constantly evolving. It is your responsibility to protect your digital assets by securing your wallet with necessary safety precautions. Always update yourself with the latest security news, attack techniques and prevention techniques. And remember the golden rule: IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT PROBABLY IS!! Practice caution folks. Stay safe as you Build Your Own Duck Empire…

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