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BSCLaunch is a soon to launch early stage innovative investment platform on the Binance Smart Chain providing support to start-ups and projects to raise capital in a decentralized way. It is a one-stop investment launchpad allowing community members to participate in a fair and equal manner.

BSCLaunchpad can best be described as the “All-In One Next Generation DEFI Platform with an Ecosystem Launcher”. A unique characteristic of BSCLaunch is that it can cater for low raise projects as well as ambitious projects requiring big capital.


Whilst a majority of DEFI projects are currently launching on the Binance Smart Chain because of its high throughput, lack of latency issues and low transaction costs, such projects still face problems such as:

1. Hard to raise funds

2. Low quality projects

3. Lack of Community trust due to a huge number of scams that have reared their ugly head as a result of the surge in interest in BSC

4. Proliferation of DeFi services

BSCLaunch has come up with an “ECOSYSTEM IDO” solution in response to the above problems. The Ecosystem IDO is discussed below.


BSCLaunch has six distinct features and they are:

  1. B-Launch — Launchpad
  2. B-Insurance — Mechanism for the safety of your investment
  3. B-Farm — Rewards for yield farmers & whitelisting for projects
  4. B-Tool — Predictive evaluation toolkit
  5. B-Swap — Both On-Chain and Cross-Chain crypto swaps
  6. B-NFT — Non Fungible Token market

All these features combine to give BSCLaunch the go-to all-in-one DeFi Investment Platform.


BSCLaunch has already brought on board a number of stellar strategic partners. These partners bring both a wealth of experience in the DeFi space and capital clout. They include NGC Capital, AU21 Capital, X21 Digital, Exnetwork Capital, Magnus Capital, Blocksync Ventures and many more others.

This, coupled with the Team brimming of talent within the BSCLaunch project will take the project to previously unchartered territories.


Currently BSCLaunch has a buzzing Community on Twitter, Medium and Telegram social media channels. To ensure this Community is engaged in the project at all times and everyone has an input, the Team has been running a number of community events on these channels.

These has helped realize BSCLaunch’s commitment to bring value to the Community with it’s motto “BSCLaunch exists because of the Community and for the Community”. Join the community now to participate.


BSCLaunch is employing its innovative solution to fuel DeFi adoption in the BSC ecosystem. BSCLaunch is an intuitive launchpad which is all set to revolutionize the DeFi space.

With its cheap transaction fees, safe and fast swaps, user friendly design and UI, the ability to buy and move assets between chains, BSCLaunch is sure to take this space by storm & take DeFi to the MOON!!

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